Stop Drinking Coffee with an Empty Stomach! Check Here Why!

     Admit it or not but you're probably one of those who keeps on drinking coffee after waking up in the morning with an empty stomach. However, researchers have claimed that drinking coffee in the morning with an empty stomach can cause serious problems to your health. That's why you should be careful about this.
     Yes, coffee does smells good and drinking it in the morning is good, but make sure that you have eaten something or took some water before actually drinking coffee as its not a good idea because you'll have problem in the near future. Below is a list of those problems, so you need to take down some notes about this topic. There are four problems when it comes to drinking coffee with an empty stomach:

1. Stomach Acid

     Our stomach contains hydrochloric acid, when it's at the right level, it helps your body digest food efficiently. When your stomach is empty, the acid doesn't really much to work which can cause abdominal distress and continue to damage your stomach. Like making a hole in it or it'll make you acidic which isn't good as you'll taste a weird acid flavor like in your throat.
2. Dehydration

     Drinking coffee on an empty stomach increases the amount of fluid which your body expels resulting to dehydration. That's why its much appropriate to drink a lot of amount of water before and after you drink coffee.

3. Loss of Appetite

     Drinking coffee can lead to appetite loss, which is good for those who plans on dieting, but if you're already thin, please don't drink coffee that much.

4. Anxiety

    Coffee can decrease the brain's capability to reduce serotonin, or what we so called the 'happy hormone'. Caffeine compels your brain to produce more stress hormones and adrenaline which leads to anxiety and depression.


It is highly recommended that you should drink coffee between 10:00am to noon.

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