Enrollment in TESDA Online Courses is Easy & Free! Check Here How!

     You might have been wondering how you can enroll in any of the TESDA Online Courses right? In TESDA Online Courses you can Enroll in as many courses as you want, and you don't need to worry in a single thing because it is free!

     Below is a series of steps on how you can register for TESDA Free Online Program and also the steps on how you can Enroll in one of the TESDA Free Online Courses!

Steps in Registering in a TESDA Online Course!1. Go to TESDA Online Program.

2. Click on the LOGIN Link at the top right corner of their site.

3. There are some courses in which you can enroll with just using a guest account, but its much better if you register in a New Account!

4. After click the link to create a new account, you will reach the page below. Make sure to fill out everything, including the captcha. Also use a valid e-mail address because you need to verify your registration before you can enroll to any of the courses available on TESDA courses.

5. After completing all the required identifications then you will receive this message. Make sure to recheck all the information that you've given.

6. Check your e-mail account as you will receive a similar mail to the mail below. Don't forget to click the confirmation link to verify your new account.

7. After clicking the confirmation link, you will go back to the home page in which you need to click the login link once again so that you can log in!

     Congratulations! As you have finally made your new and verified account on TESDA. Now it is time for you to enroll in any of the course available and the course you've wanted to study! Check the steps below on how you can enroll in a TESDA Free Online Course!

Steps in Enrolling in a TESDA Online Course!

1. Login your username and password to successfully login their site.

2. After successfully logging in your name will appear on the upper right corner (near the log out link). You can now then take your pick on the offered courses in their site.

3. After finding out the course that you wanted to enroll in, simply click the name of the course.

4. You will then be taken to a list of modules which is similar in the link below! There are a lot of different courses that has different modules, so don't panic if you see a different one in your course choice. See the sample below!

For first timers, click Module 1.

5. After clicking their module, you will be taken to their confirmation page, and click "Yes" in order to enroll the course module. Don't worry because its free.

6. After finishing enrolling in the course module that you want, you will be taken to another page in which you can begin studying the course module that you have  chosen. The rest of your study materials can be found on the left side bar in the Resources and Activities links.

7. The site also allows you to check your own profile, in which you can edit your profile in case you have a wrong information on it.

You can also check your grades and your study hours!

Once you're finished with the course modules on your site and want to learn a new module, then go back to Step #4. Or if you want a new course then go back to Step #3.

     Congratulations in finishing all the steps! Now take a notebook and a pen, and start taking down some notes! Make sure to study hard! For more information about the TESDA Online Courses kindly click this link: Free TESDA Online Courses Information

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