These Beans Will Surely Become One of Your Favorite Food Because of its Health Benefits!

     Mung beans are loaded with nutritional health benefits. It contains high protein, is a low calorie food, and it is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Mung Beans Nutrition Facts

One cup of cooked mung beans contains the following:

     - 212 calories
     - 13 grams of protein
     - 1 gram of fat
     - 15 grams of fiber
     - 55mg of calcium
     - 7mg of zinc
     - 0.13mg of vitamin B6
     - 0.8mg of vitamin B5

Benefits of eating Mung Beans:

Anti-Aging Benefits

- Copper, the secret behind mung bean's anti-aging property, it can reduce the presence of wrinkles, age spots and age lines from your skin easily.
It Gives Shine To Your Hair

- The substances that contains inside the mung beans is an essential for maintaining your scalp health. You can also make an amazing natural hair masks at home with the help of mung beans as the main ingredient.

Cholesterol Controller

- We all know that the heart diseases are very common these days. Poor lifestyle is one of the major causes that add to several heart problems on a daily basis. Incorporating mung beans in your diet will keep your cholesterol in balance.

Bone Strengthener

- It can also be used as a natural calcium supplement. It can help your bone strong and healthy and keep you safe from fractures.

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