10 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair All Wrong

You probably wash your hair at least once a day, right? Well here's something that may surprise you: it's distinctly possible you're doing it wrong. Yeah, you can wash your hair wrong. And what you don't know might actually be damaging your hair.

Using incorrect techniques can seriously damage your hair, making it more likely to split and fall out. Here's what you need to do to protect your hair during washing.

  • Drying your hair using towel

Drying your hair with a towel can lead to fizziness and this also leads to damage. Use another method to do this by using a T-shirt or blotting your hair.

  • Use just the right amount of shampoo or conditioner

Using a good quantity of a shampoo or conditioner is not a very good idea. A bit is good enough.

  • Scrubbing or massage your hair gently

Hair loss and weak hair may be due to a lot of scrubbing. Thus, be mild and do not ruin your hair.

  • Don't apply conditioner on your roots

When we are in a hurry we tend to not wash our hair properly. The most important area is the root, thus apply the conditioner on the strands to the tip to keep your hair moisture.

  • Do not use shampoo daily

According to the ads, shampoos need to be used in order to make your hair soft. However, the shampoos ruin and damage your hair more. The chemicals in it will make your hair dry and lead to hair loss. You don’t want that, just skip it and use water only, making your hair healthier.

  • Stop rinse and repeat

The technique that involved rinse and repeat is not the best option. If you do the second round it will strip your hair from the moisture it has. You may do this only if the need is high. Otherwise, you will create an issue for yourself.
  • Use lukewarm warm water

Hot shower, a massage, and a good sleep is what we need after a tough day. It sounds good but is very bad for your hair. A Hot shower will damage it. For this reason, replace the hot shower with lukewarm water.

  • Do not put on your conditioner for too long

After using a conditioner, people do not allow it settle, and instead, wash it off. Take the time for yourself, instead, and detangle the strands. You will see the smoothness like never before.

  • Rinse first

Don't ever apply shampoo or conditioner to dry hair. Make sure your hair gets a very thorough rinse before you apply soap. Hot water opens up the cuticle, which helps remove dirt and trapped product in your hair. It also loosens oils on the scalp.

  • Finish with cold water if you can.

Finally, use cold water to wash your hair. You will see the results.

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