4 Signs You Are dating A Very Dangerous Guy

Despite the relatively mixed feelings and principles of our time, quality relationships are still all about love and respect. In order for a couple to have a healthy relationship, they must respect each other, communicate, and invest equal effort to keep things between them going.

The bad news is that relationships like these are rarer and rarer. Most relationships of today are not exactly functional, and to make things worse, the dysfunction is visible on a relatively early stage where lovers from one reason or another skip to take action. For those who’re not aware they’re dealing with a serious problem, we’ve listed the four essential signs to pay attention to. If your partner has any of them, it may be just the time to leave him.

Violence And Bad Temper

It is not only physical violence that is becoming alarming. Many relationships fail due to an improper verbal outburst that can also lead to an undesired physical action. Even if your partner is not actually beating you, his habit of hitting walls and destroying property indicates he has a tendency towards physical abuse. Similar conditions are like a sparkle waiting to burn and become so abusive and dangerous that the partner is often too scared to reveal them.


While it is absolutely true that there are people who learn their lessons, odds are good that those who crossed a line will be willing to cross it again. A good indicator of being attached to a cheater is dating a person with unstable relationship history, in particular, such who obviously doesn’t respect commitment, and doesn’t seem to grow up with time.

Vices And Addictions

The worse scenario of all is to fall for an addict, be that a compulsive gambler, and sex addicted person, alcoholic, or a junkie. All of these people are behaving in a way which is destructive for them, but the worse part of the process is that they consciously/subconsciously drag their partner into the story.

Oversensitive, women often try to ‘save these people from themselves’, and end up going for counseling or giving the abstinence support. While this is a completely normal thing for a person you’ve spent most of your life with, you should give it a second thought when being asked to marry one.

Jealousy And Possessive Attitude

If a man thinks he owns you and overreacts in all types of situations, it means he has an issue with his self-confidence and self-esteem. This is not your problem ladies because you need a mentally stable man that can understand your needs and stay out of your way. In most cases, possessive attitude ends up turning into violence, which is why you shouldn’t be dating such a person.

In short, any of these signs should be a green light for you to move on, and find someone who can give you the healthy relationship you need. You have a life to live, and absolutely no obligation to rescue a man or to save someone who’s perfectly aware he needs to save himself.

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