7 Symptoms and Causes of Cervical Cancer that Women Ignores!

     Cervical Cancer is one of the most common causes of death among women, of course, there's also breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Cervical Cancer is commonly caused by HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. HPV is a virus that can be transmitted s*xually. The sample is A has HPV so if A and B had s*x then B will get the virus too, and if B had s*x with C, then C will also get the HPV. However, just like other cancer forms, cervical cancer also starts with several symptoms that a lot of women think is just minor and would normally ignore.

Here is a quick run through on the most threatening signs of cervical cancer that a lot of women normally ignore.

1. Abnormal Watery Discharge

          During the Early Stages of Cervical Cancer, the cells in the uterus walls untangle, which will result in emitting a watery discharge.

2. Genital Warts

          If this happens, be alarmed because you might have an STD or you're bound to have cervical cancer.

3. Paleness or Anemia

          If you feel that there is an irregularity in your heartbeat, or you suddenly feel very tired, these might be signs of having cervical cancer.

4. Intolerable Pain and Bleeding

          When the cancer cells develop, the cervix walls will deteriorate which will cause you severe pain and sudden bleeding.

5. Irregularity in Urinating

         When you noticed an abnormality in your urine, it might be a cause of cervical cancer. Its because the urinary walls are squeezed because of the swelling in the cervix.

6. Pain in the Upper and Lower Back, and in Legs

          When the internal organs become compressed, there will be an irregular blood circulation which will leave you to lack of oxygen in your upper, lower back and legs.

7. Sudden Weight Loss

          If the symptoms above go with a sudden weight loss of appetite, it might be a sign that you have cervical cancer.

There are also 4 common causes of Cervical Cancer and these are:

1. Having a weak immune system
2. Engaging in unprotected interc*urse
3. Having a lot of s*x partners
4. Cigarette Smoking

     If in case you feel that some signs here, is happening to you right now, we advise you to seek immediate medical attention and have a check to that you won't regret if something happens to you in the future.

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