9 Sleeping Positions That Couples Should Not Do In The Bedroom

You may not take your sleeping situation as serious as you take other things, but let me clear you one thing, your sleeping position also plays the major role in preventing you fit. It keeps your brain stress free, by decrease your mental and physical strain and if you don't sleep properly, then your body won't get a proper rest.

So, I guess, now you will give more value to your sleep. Anyway, it's never too late.

Let's check out these wrong positions which you should neglect while sleeping with your partner in bed.

Expectation vs. reality

Well, what you expect in dreams is far different from reality, Unknowingly, in the real world it's divergent, but don't worry you can still bring changes in you. So, let's get a start.

1. Ignore this one

This creates an uneasy sleep for your partner.

2. The headlock

You even have no idea what you do during your sleep.

3. The BOA constrictor

Unknowingly, you're stopping your partner's oxygen.

4. You should stick to your side

This is the very common issue you face with your partner.

5. Don't let your pets to rule your bed

6. Don't, do this

7. And, that's not fine at all

8. The stomach

It would be better if anyone of you don't sleep on other's stomach as it will badly affect your health.

To know more watch this video!

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