Are You Still Going To Crack Your Knuckles After Watching This Video?

Are you one of those people who always crack their fists? If yes, then you most likely do not know the disadvantages of the cracking. 

You apparently think that when the movement in your joints takes place, you feel comfortable. Do you find the sound pleasing? This issue has been a question for a long time. But a research gave us the explanation to the puzzle: in fact, the sound originates from a gas-filled cavity in the synovial liquid in the joints. When you move your joints, the cavity reduces.

Greg Kawchuck is one of the study participants. He pulled his joints and moved his knuckles under MRI, which filmed the pulling of the fingers. The name of the research was ‘Force My Finger’, which is considered to be a breaking study.

During the study, Jerome’s fingers were attached to a link within a tube and then each pulled each one on a turn, while the MRI filmed the whole situation. What was discovered will probably amaze many of us.

Do you wonder what is happening in fact?

During this process, a cavity is formed. This cavity resembles a vacuum that tries to fill the expanding joint volume that opens up as the liquid in the joint depletes. This process results in the popping sound we are all familiar with.

It has been thought since long ago that splitting knuckles can lead to joint inflammation, but according to experts, the frequency splitting of knuckles can damage your joints and ligaments. This means that you should stop doing it.

Take a look at the entire process in the video below. 

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