Say goodbye to your sleepless nights. Here's how you can have a goodnight sleep.

After a busy day at work and household chores, we all want to just lay in bed and doze off. But what if you experience this sleepless nights, how will you function properly the next morning? If you don't have enough sleep, this will lead to lack of motivation, frustration and increased in appetite. When people sleep, our body repairs damage tissues in our system. Getting enough amount of sleep at night will make you eager to start the day with energy and full of enthusiasm.

This article will teach you how to create a foot spray that will make you doze off in minutes. You will need 3 kinds of oil for this recipe.

Chamomile - usually taken as a tea before bedtime to relax and promote sleep. This herb relieves cramps and pain.

Magnesium - same as the chamomile, it relaxes your muscle and calms your body. It also helps with sudden acid reflux and nervousness.

Lavander - this is a natural cure for insomnia, relieves pain, lowers blood pressure and works against depression.

Here is how to prepare the natural foot spray to promote a good night sleep.

Combine 10 drops of Lavander essential oil, 10 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil, and 4 oz. of Magnesium oil in a spray bottle and shake well until properly mixed. Spray on your feet before bedtime and sleep within minutes.


Source : ArtikuloUno

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