Whiten Your Body with Just These Natural Remedies! Must See!

     When your skin is exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) radiations that are coming directly from the sun, it triggers the body's production of melanin, a substance that darkens your skin. The normal way that we are currently using while we go out is to apply sunscreen lotion every time we go out under the sun to minimize the risk of our skin to darken.

     However, researchers have claimed that sunscreens are not totally protecting your skin against the sun. So we have found a way for you to get back that flawless skin that you've been wanting, but (take note that) it really takes some time for it to happen.

     In this way, you can save yourself some time and money by using these natural remedies that will surely be effective in brightening and lightening your skin complexion.

1. Lemon

- Lemon juice contains ascorbic and citric acid which forms as a source of vitamin C which is very effective for skin whitening.

Cut a whole lemon into halves and massage it gently onto your face and neck while avoiding your eyes. After 10 - 15 minutes, rinse it with a clean water. Do it regularly for faster results.

2. Milk

- It contains lactic acid that can help diminish the skin pigmentation hence a bright complexion.

Use fresh cow or goat's milk and place it in a bowl, then soak a clean soft towel in the milk. Massage the milk soaked towel on your face and neck, then rinse it after 20 minutes with clean water.

3. Aloe Vera

- It can lessen the hyper-pigmentation and creates a bright smooth skin complexion overnight. This common natural ingredient can also help repair the skin damaged tissues and also the rebuilding of the new cells for a smooth, and beautiful skin.

Cut the outer layer of the aloe vera leaf and gather all the thick, jelly-like substances in it, apply the gel on your skin, and leave it on for about 30 minutes and wash it off with clean water, do this at least twice a day for a straight 2 weeks for effective results.

4. Papaya

- A natural ingredient that has the ability to bleach the skin. Eat fresh papaya regularly as a fruit as this will help you to cleanse the skin from free radicals that cause the skin's darkening.

Gently rub the papaya's skin directly to your face and wash it after 15 minutes with cold water and pat it dry. Do it regularly for fast results. You'll definitely like the smell of your skin after this.

5. Turmeric

- It's a strong antioxidant that also has antiseptic properties. It can cleanse the skin impurities that can cause uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation.

Mix turmeric powder with milk cream to make a paste, and gently apply that paste on the skin and let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash your face and neck with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Repeat this twice a week for fast results.

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