Benefits of taking a shower with your partner

"Every time you take a shower, visualize washing away your stress and anxiety. Concentrate on the water upon your skin. Envision the power of the water washing away your negative thoughts. Feel sadness, regret, anger, and depression washing right off you. Let it all go down the drain, you will start to feel lighter and much more clear." - unknown

Researchers reveal that taking a shower with your partner creates a strong between the two of you. Many benefits have been linked to this study. It can relieve you from stress and actually releases happy hormones that can make your day fruitful and productive.

If in case you take a "couple shower" before bedtime, it can also be very relaxing and will help you achieve a good night sleep. Having a good conversation while in a tub and discussing each others activity from a long day of work can also be a good source of bonding for couples. Discuss future plans, family, and work. Not to mention that you conserve water and help the environment.

Taking a shower together in the morning also saves time if both of you are working on the same hour.

No more shouting to one another to hurry up because of you're late or it's your turn already. Also, we must admit that there are parts of our body that we can't reach. What to do? Ask help from your partner.

And last but not the least, you guessed it right, it can be an awesome foreplay, knowing that both of you are "clean" when you go to the next part, yes! lovemaking in the shower is also allowed.  Just be careful because bathroom might be a little slippery and space might not be enough.

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