Doctor Warns: Too Much Use Of Headphones Can Cause Blackheads In The Ear

We’ve seen several videos of blackhead popping all over the internet recently. Now, a doctor warns the public that wearing headphones for prolonged times may actually lead to the production of blackheads in the ears.

While hormones and genetics are regularly blamed as culprits in the development of blackheads and acne, everyday habits that could bother the skin may play a huge role, too. Well, one habit that may take a toll on your skin is excessive use of gadgets, such as headphones.

Some people use their headphones wherever they go – the gym, at school, work, subway and during long drives.

Though listening to music helps you clear the stress, which is good for the health, it might irritate the skin inside your ears.

Normally, blackheads develop on the face, particularly on the nose and chins. However, did you know that blackheads can also form inside the ears? It might sound gross, but one doctor said that using the headphones too much may contribute to this condition.

In one segment of “The Doctors”, the outer part of the ear contains many sebaceous glands as the noses and chins do.

These sebaceous glands are responsible for secreting oil, which can cause blackheads.

The good thing is, practicing good hygiene like cleaning the skin inside the outer ear is essential to make sure the pores are not clogged. Also, limiting the use of headphones can reduce skin irritation, especially when these headphones are not cleaned regularly.

Though it might be gross and intense to watch, this shows how neglecting the skin in the ears could affect the skin.

Watch the video below:

Remember, if you have a bad case of blackheads (even in other parts of your face), you should visit a doctor for further evaluation and treatment. Don’t go popping those blackheads by yourself to prevent infection.

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