Expired na nga ba ang RETOKE ni Xander Ford?

The online celebrity Xander Ford’s face alleged begun to go back to its original appearance few months after his cosmetic surgeries, according to several netizens.

Marlou Arizala or now known as Xander Ford and formerly part of the boyband “Hasht5” becomes the headlines of various local news outlets and social media pages after he undergoes a cosmetic surgery to enhance his physical appearance.

The former Hasht5 member has decided to undergo surgery to improve his facial features after experiencing cyberbullying because of his physical appearance.

The cosmetic surgery becomes successful and converted Marlou Arizala to Xander Ford who can be recognized as a good-looking celebrity after additional operations.

Recently, the YouTube channel “Pinoy Showbiz Latest” has posted the video of the internet sensation’s look a few months after his total makeover, which urged netizens to said that his face was alleged returning on its original form.

The netizens saw that the old face of the latter starting to show again, most of them stated that the medicine used for Xander’s appearance was losing its streak.

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