Facts About People With Dimples And What Makes Them So Special

What makes dimpled people so special? Well, the solution lies in the question – dimpled people are unique!

Some people spent half of their life wondering why do people get dimples on their cheeks when most of the people they see and know, don't. Now for all those who wonder about our natural "dents," here's some piece of interesting information for you. And to those who have these cute dimples, let's flaunt our dimples more because we are more special than what we assume to be!

1. You are the chosen one!

Only 20% of the world's total population is blessed with dimples.

2. A blessing in disguise!

Dimples are a facial muscle deformity and there's a term for it - zygomaticus major. Who wouldn't love to have this defect? In fact, cosmetic surgeons get flooded with requests from "non-dimpled/ordinary" people to get dimpled cheeks! (no offense intended to non-dimpled people).

3. Dimpled people go on to become immensely popular.

4. They are full of life and know how to live life to the fullest!

They are the life of every party!

5. Their selfies never seem to be irritating.

Irrespective of the number of selfies they post, you won't get tired of looking at them; dimples are too cute to be irritating or spiteful!

6. Born charmers!

They can sweep you off your feet in an instant, effortlessly!

7. Their crush can never have enough of them.

If you happen to have a crush on a dimpled person, you are gonna be "crushed" forever!

8. None of their pics ever looks disgusting!

Those dimples always cover up any embarrassments or defects.

9. Sweet/cute and sexy!

Sweet/cute and sexy is a rare combination, but not for people with dimples. Dimples can make a sweet person look sexy and vice-versa. I love the versatility!

10. Have you heard of or seen pierced dimples?!

While others flaunt their pierced belly buttons, lips or eyebrows, you can grab all the attention with your pierced dimples! Not everyone can ape the look, for not everyone has dimples ;-)

11. Their friends love to play with their dimples.

How cute is that! Imagine those dimples filled with a dollop of chocolate mousse....

12. Reliability and dependability are a given!

Though a majority of humans find it difficult to take dimpled people seriously, they are quite reliable, consistent, and dependable.

13. They look cute even while smirking.

13. They look cute even while smirking.

That's certainly an added attraction! Anyone who begs to differ?

14. They make the person look younger; all they gotta do is smile!

Dimples have a charming effect on anyone who isn't blind or jealous or hates you. They can instantly take years off your age and render you "cute" and "awww-some".

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