LADIES: Here's How You Can Make Sure Your Privates Smells Good!

Women bother regarding how they look, and also how they smell and that indicates that most of them have a proper hygiene. But how many do really have a proper hygiene for their v@ginas? If the v@gina is healthy then it will give a healthy birth, but apart from that, healthy v@gina is essential for the overall women’s health.

Vginal odor is a health problem affecting a lot of females. It’s both unpleasant and embarrassing, and it can seriously undermine a woman’s self-esteem.  It normally results from a vginal yeast infection, although oftentimes the cause may be something else.

Vginal odor is any odor that originates from the v@gina and it is normal to have a slight odor, a strong vginal smell like fishy v@ginal odor, could indicate a serious problem and requires medical attention. The abnormal vginal odor is typically associated with other v@ginal signs and symptoms, such as itching, burning or irritation. Often there is v@ginal odor and discharge at the same time.

Fortunately, there are natural ways to take care of v@ginal odor.

Top 10 Ways On How To Get Rid Of V@ginal Odor 

1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh, organic, whole fruits and vegetables are essential for proper body function and this includes your v@ginal health too. For one thing, vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, guava, strawberries, kiwi, and green and red peppers, is an immune system booster.

Leafy greens support circulation and prevent v@ginal dryness. Eat plenty of spinach, kale, cabbage, salad, Swiss chard, collards and other leafy greens by including them in your salads and smoothies. The avocado stimulates v@ginal health and the libido because it contains vitamin B6 and potassium, which support healthy v@ginal walls, and reduce the risks of infection and bacterial proliferation.

2. Water

The key to a healthier life besides fresh fruits and veggies is also water. The v@ginal membrane in order to function properly needs to be well-hydrated and that is why you should drink plenty of water.  Water helps lubricate your v@gina naturally, which helps in reducing v@ginal smells

3. Neem Bark Extract

Neem bark has amazing antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties that help support balanced intestinal flora while fighting infection from fungi, such as candida. 

Research has also proved that when taken in tablet form, neem bark extract can effectively treat infections, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes. This extract stimulates increased antibody production and promotes the immune response of white blood cells, thus killing any bacterial invaders.

4. Nuts and Seeds

Vitamin E is of a great use when it comes to v@ginal odor because it will prevent v@ginal dryness. The best sources of this vitamin are seeds and nuts, so make sure you add them to your diet. Walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and almonds are rich in zinc, and they will reduce itching and other symptoms of dryness that may be the cause of v@ginal odor. Also, they will regulate the menstrual cycle.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and that is what makes it so good against v@ginal odor. You can use this common kitchen ingredient in two ways – you can either take a bath with it and eliminate the toxins and bacteria that cause v@ginal odor while restoring the acidic environment of the v@ginal flora, or you can drink a glass of water mixed with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on a regular daily basis.

6. Baking Soda

Baking soda is the most beneficial natural remedy for restoring the pH balance in your body. When your internal pH level is in balance, your v@ginal odor will diminish.

Simply add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bathwater and soak for about 15–20 minutes. Before putting on your clothing, make sure your body is thoroughly dry. Also, do not allow moisture to sit in any folds or the groin area of the body.

7. White Vinegar and Sea Salt

White vinegar is highly effective in breaking down odor proteins, thus neutralizing v@ginal odor. White vinegar bath cannot only help eliminate v@ginal odor, but also restore the v@ginal pH balance.
Simply add half a cup of white vinegar and a cup of half of sea salt water bath with warm water several times a week and see the difference

8. Tea Tree Oil

Another great antiseptic with antifungal properties that can help you to prevent v@ginal odor. On a cotton pad add a few drops of the oil combined with water and witch hazel and apply it to the affected area every day. Make sure to dilute with the water and witch hazel since tea tree oil can cause some initial sensitivity to the groin area.

9. Probiotics

Besides the fact that probiotics can keep the gut healthy, they can solve the problem with v@ginal odor too. Kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, miso and kefir will do the trick.

10. Garlic

Known as the natural antibiotic, it contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties, making it one of the best remedies in the treatment with v@ginal odor. You will get rid of the infection in no time and with that, the v@ginal odor will be gone. Just eat on an empty stomach one or two raw garlic cloves and drink a glass of warm water.

Here are 6 ways that can help you with providing a good smell for your v@gina:

1. Lose weight if necessary
Extra weight can cause extra sweating, so the v@ginal area is not spared. This extra moisture creates favorable conditions for bacteria to grow, thus causing v@ginal odor. Sweating can be effectively controlled by choosing a healthy lifestyle of clean eating and regular exercise

2. Avoid certain foods 
There are some foods that can increase inflammation and bacterial growth because they affect the pH of the body. Avoiding some of the following foods will help you with the treatment of v@ginal odor as well as obtaining better health: sugar, wheat products, alcohol, and processed foods. Replace them with fresh veggies and fruits.

3. Avoid the D0uche
Our bodies were designed to take care of most issues. When you douche, you remove healthy bacteria in the v@gina that you need to help prevent infection. As well, douche products contain lots of chemicals that can cause toxic build-up in the body.

4. Wear loose clothing and cotton underwear
Loose clothing and cotton underwear can increase the airflow to your groin and prevent moisture build-up. It is important to change your underwear every 12 hours as it will prevent additional bacteria growth.

5. Change your clothes after exercising
What is a breeding ground for bacteria is wearing sweaty clothes? Also, before putting on new clothes, wash your groin area and dry it.

6. Don’t fall for the feminine sprays
Feminine sprays contain many chemicals. Those chemicals are easily absorbed by our skin and they can cause many problems. What can cause even bigger problems is that those chemicals are headed right into the bloodstream. Just leave your v@gina to cleanse itself.

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