Meet Ikuta Kana, The Girl Who Dubbed As The Most Beautiful Taxi Driver In Japan

While getting stuck in traffic is often recognized hell on Earth by most people, it can be different if you’re traveling in one particular taxi in Japan driven by the beautiful Ikuta Kana, the country’s most popular taxi driver.

No doubt that Japan’s 24-year old girl Ikuta Kana can be a model because she is indeed very charming. However, modeling industry in Japan is not that firm as many brand owners keep on looking for new and fresh faces, that is why Kana made a plan to raise her salary to support her own needs.

She came up with an idea that everyone is not expecting. She was not considered to be an actress nor a waitress, but a taxi driver instead!

She has been just fresh in a university and she was working in-between modeling projects. She decided to join the Asuka Traffic Dream Project and become famous as she was called “Miss Asuka”, as she was also the promoter of the organization appearing on TV to endorse the company and her job as well.

Kana’s modeling charisma was even getting better, as she was also invited to sign a contract for Nino San, a weekly TV program in Japan. She also became the endorser of some salon brands and also part of Mina Mates of Mina Magazine.

She is indeed a famous icon nowadays, but she did not leave her career as a cabbie (a term for a cab or taxi driver), making her routes along the streets of Naka-Meguru, Ebisu, and Shibuya.

Wanna meet this lovely cabbie in town? Watch the video below!

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