Never leave your phone beside you while you're sleeping. Here's why.

Due to the modernization of today’s world, most of the gadgets, particulary smartphones have become part of the daily lives of every individual regardless of their age and where they might be living. As the day moved by, smartphones have shifted as a must-have that most of the people use for more than 24 hours and putting it down only for a short while is not an option for them anymore. People do not usually turn it off or switch it to an airplane mode even during the night.

You will actually know that you already reached the level of being addicted to smartphones, which is extremely unhealthy for the health of an individual when you cannot even sleep at night without it beside you. Most of the people usually place their smartphones beside their pillows or somewhere near them when they go to sleep.

According to a survey, there is at least 63 percent of smartphones users between the ages of 18 and 29 who actually sleep with their phones or tablets in their beds or beside them. Moreover, it is not advisable to leave your smartphones charging in your bedroom overnight.

In latest years, scientists have found out that the chronic sleep deprivation of human is connected to these gadgets or devices that are being allowed in the human sleep space. A study that was recently published has revealed how the artificial blue light is being emitted from different electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops and even televisions which activates the arousing neurons within the brain that eventually prevents people from falling asleep or having the feeling of sleepiness.

In addition, excessive usage of these gadgets does not only affect your ability to fall into a deep sleep, but it also disturbs the production of melatonin of the body which is known as the sleep-inducing hormone that affects your quality of sleep.

This is the reason why most of the parents are getting angry about their child’s excessive usage of smartphones. Everyone should be aware of this fact, so that their risk of having an unhealthy body and being vulnerable to diseases will be lessened and be prevented, too. Radiation or the blue light that is being emitted by these new-world technologies is extremely harmful, which can eventually cause different kinds of health issues, which some of them cannot be treated with the use of medicines.

On the other hand, there are times were using smartphones cannot be the limit or lessen due to work for adults and even due to social life for most of the young people. People usually use their phones for texting, for scrolling through social media, for searching for different information in google, as well listening to music or even watching some videos and movies.

However, if using these smartphones, already affects your daily life and activities, then you should limit yourself from using it, especially at night because it has the ability to elevate your risk of having anxiety without being aware that it is already happening. You have to stop using your smartphone excessively even though you are not hurting anyone and you are not doing anything wrong, but because you have to protect yourself from suffering to health issues in the future.

There are both physical and psychological considerations that must take into account and should be kept in minds of people, especially the parents of younger children. You are not only suffering from the inside but also you are making your body suffering which begins with your tender and little fingers that keeps on swiping, typing and texting. This kind of situation is more than just a habit if you think that you are one of those people that we have described above that does not want their phone to get far away from their side, then before it’s too late, break that habit.

Having the usual routine of checking or looking up for your smartphones for some reason will lead you to the following health issues that were listed below:

  • You will be suffering from anxiety or stress
  • You will have concentration issues
  • You will suffer from insomnia
  • You will have lack of productivity
  • You will also have cognitive issues
  • You suffer from regular nightmares
  • You will experience constant headaches
  • You will get easily annoyed and irritated

These are some of the few examples of health issues that you might actually suffer from once you ignore and continue doing that kind of habit of keeping your phones close to you, especially putting them below your pillow. Hence, in order to avoid and limit the intensity of its effects to your body, you need to do and practice the following tips below for your own benefit:

You need to lessen the period of your daily phone calls, text, and surfing of the internet.
When you are not using your smartphone, set your phone into an airplane mode or you can actually just turn it off to save its battery life, as well.

Do not practice the habit of sleeping near your phone, particularly when it is turned on.
You may actually use headset or speaker during phone calls, so that you may prevent it from being too near on your head.

Search for a good kind of reception so that your smartphone will just use less amount of power.

If you are not finding it hard to switch it off at night, then you have to practice the habit of switching it off, especially when not in use. Most of the parents should be aware and informed about this so that the time of their child’s usage of smartphones will be lessened because they are the one who is more vulnerable to both blue light and radiation due to their thinner skulls, which will eventually affect the faster growth and development of their brain.

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