Why you should avoid too much exposure on your phones before sleeping?

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t have a cell phone or a gadget. If before only well-off grown-ups can afford to have one, then that is not the situation anymore. Even teens with an average family can have a cellphone.

If you think about it, having a cell phone has its pros and cons. It is beneficial because you got to socialize with someone far away, take pictures, you can even take down notes, and play games when you’re bored.

On the other hand, this becomes disadvantageous when people shifted to hook up on it that they forgot that there are other important things to do.

There are times when a child would rather use cellphone than to study his lessons. Some even sacrifice their sleep just to use their mobile phone.

Admit it. We all tend to use our phone even before going to bed. Sometimes, we even spend late nights just to check your social media, watch videos, or play games.

People sometimes neglect the other duties that they need to attend to and just spend their whole night and day with their phone.

Although some may be justified for it because they have a very important thing to do the next day so they had to spend the night preparing for it.

However, whatever the reason may be, staying up late to use mobile phones can be very dangerous. There are relentless studies and researchers about the effects of the longer use of mobile phones at night.

Among these is a study about the relation of using cell phones at night to the health and well being of people.

It was concluded in this research that using phones at night can bring harm not just to the eyes, but to the entire health of a person itself.

We are all aware that there is radiation that is being emitted by mobile phones. It is also a common knowledge that radiation has damaging and harmful effects to those exposed to it in the long run.

And when someone was exposed to radiation, danger awaits not just to that person himself, but also to his future children.

Mobile phones emit that which is called “blue lights” which can cause several health issues.

Blue lights have been included in the light spectrum which is a group of colors in the ray of light. The sun, which emits ultraviolet rays or UV Rays also has this “blue light”.

This only shows that there is no difference between being directly exposed to sunlight and using our mobile phones at night. Both are extremely dangerous.

In some way, you are being exposed to that kind of light at night with high emitting levels of the mobile phones that is extremely harmful to the human eyes.

Aside from harming the eyes, there are several health issues that are linked to the use of smartphones at night. These include elevating the risk of having cancer slowly.

Elevated light at night results in disturbed sleep and this reason increases the risk of cancer, particularly breasts and prostate cancer. 

Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and it is the natural weapon of the body in fighting against cancer, however, it is being blocked by the blue light.

If this happens once, it might become a big health problem, but you have to put in mind that continued use of mobile phones at night leads to severe health issues.

Using your phone at night also affects your time of sleep. As mentioned above, blue light has the ability to mess up with the body’s production of melatonin.

This hormone is responsible for controlling the sleep cycle of the body. If the body lacks sleep, the crooked sleeping cycle will result in numerous health problems.

This chain health problem will surely affect your general health gravely. Such conditions include the following:

When you lose sleep at night because of using a cellphone, you have a lot to worry about your eyes because they will surely be damaged. It’s the first serious health problem that you will encounter.

The exposure to blue light at night causes the damage of both retina and muscular degeneration, which results to the loss of central vision or the ability to see things in front of you, as well as cataracts.

In the worst case scenario, you could even go blind because of this.

Too much exposure to blue light at night will also affect the health of your brain. Your memory will not be that retentive anymore as your memory alertness will be damaged and affected a lot.

Losing sleep will slow down the production of your red blood cell or RBC. This will cause your blood pressure to decrease leading to a feeling of tiredness and dizziness throughout the day.

Aside from that, you will also gain weight, effortlessly get depressed, you will look odd and old, and have a slower response time.

It is not really that bad to use your mobile phones at night if there is an emergency or an urgent need to use it, the important thing is to just minimize your quality time with your mobile phone and always thinks about its consequences, as well as the better things that need to be done for your entire health.

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