‘Zombiefied’ Angelina Jolie Lookalike Reveals She’s A Total Fraud

Sahar Tabar is a 19-year-old girl from Iran who went viral few weeks ago after images on her Instagram exposed a young girl who looked a lot like the ‘zombified’ version of Angelina Jolie. In a wide variety of photos, the girl could be seen exposing the sharp cheekbones and pouty lips that are so iconic to the Tomb Raider actress.

She claimed to have undergone more than 50 surgeries and lost over 88 pounds in order to look like her idol.

But now the ‘superfan’ has come out and said that it was all a hoax.

The teen admitted that she faked her entire look and that the whole thing was an attempt to ‘amuse’ herself.

While many originally doubted the integrity of those photos some were legitimately concerned for the young girl’s health.

She originally claimed that she lost approximately 88 pounds due to the number of procedures she had to endure but in reality, her photos were because of makeup and computer wizardry.

During an interview with Russian news outlet Sputnik, she said: ‘now I can see that I have something in common with [Angelina Jolie], but I amuse myself, and to look like someone is not my goal.’

She continued: ‘over time I post a photo, I make my face more fun and funny, it is a form of self-expression, a kind of art.’

Over time, people began to scrutinize her pictures after several pictures could be found where certain angles were warped indicating that it had been digitally retouched.

More speculation arose after she deleted all of her ‘before’ pictures and only posted pictures which showcased her hollow cheeks, inflated lips, and bright blue eyes.

She defended herself by saying: ‘my fans know that this is not my real face.’ Now, untouched photos have emerged of Sahar which shows her without her makeup and contacts.

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