Early signs to confirm that you are pregnant before you miss your period!

Pregnancy is a gift to the married couple. Couples would normally desire to have a child right after they get married since it will make them the feel satisfied once they bear a child.

Pregnancy test kits are the most convenient way to know whether or not the female is pregnant, it’s a little costly to some extent but the joy of seeing the two lines is unbearable.

However, expecting a baby isn’t always what you want to hear from your parents or our boyfriend. A lot of women today are afraid of bearing a child due to a financial crisis and the never-ending responsibilities it will come with.

The mere thought of having a human inside of you for 9 months is fairly scary. For those who are not ready to have a baby, we can give you the signs and symptoms before you have to use a kit to confirm your pregnancy.

- Periods become late than usual. Although you need a month to know, you will have clues since you won’t be getting the usual symptoms you have before getting your period.

- Vomiting doesn’t happen only in the morning. The hormone levels will destabilize which causes you to have slower digestion, having the urge to puke at most times.

- The genitals feel a little swollen. It gets uncomfortable down there and you can’t do anything to relieve it.

- The breasts will swell too and might hurt if you don’t use underwire bras.

- Having cramps even though you’re far from your menstrual date. This will become quite often in the first few weeks.

- Going to the bathroom to urinate will surely happen a lot of times. Your uterus will start to expand and lower the capacity of your bladder to hold urine.

- Feeling of sleepiness anytime of the day. It seems like you need more rest since there are two people needing it now.

- Being hungry in the middle of the night. The unusual cravings will start from then on. You will also feel a lot more sensitive and irritated towards a lot of things.

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