Mark Anthony Fernandez Allegedly Impregnated 2 Policewomen In Jail

Mark Anthony Fernandez is now handling reports about having impregnated two lady police while serving time in Pampanga Provincial Jail. 

He was detained by the police officers for possession of 1-kilo mar. ijuana at a checkpoint in Barangay Virgen Delos Remedios in Angeles City, Pampanga in October 2016  and is estimated to cost P15,000 in street prices.

He was adjudged in violation of the Republic Act of 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Acts of 2002.

He rejected the ownership of the dried leaves and even declared that it was planted by the policemen but resulted positive for marijuana use in a test.

According to a YouTube video that's making rounds online uploaded by Showbiz Chismis, the actor had conceived not just one but two policewomen. One of them is allegedly a PO1 and the other a PO2. The funny thing is that the said officers are said to be 5 months and 4 months pregnant respectively. 

Based on the report, the PO1 was from Zambales while the PO2 was from Nueva Ecija. The names of the rumored women were withheld for security and privacy reasons. Mark Anthony Fernandez rumored to have impregnated 2 lady officers in jail.

These two women were said to be single and without any "Sabit." Aside from the rumored pregnancies, the actor was purportedly allowed to roam the compound of the said jail. There were "vacant rooms" at the compound, which may have been used by the actor for his trysts. 

Mark Anthony Fernandez is the son of Alma Moreno and Rudy Fernandez. He was arrested last October of 2016 for alleged drug involvement. The actor was released on December 22, 2017.

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