The Reasons Why You Should Play Before Work In The Morning!

It's often the guys who are deemed as the only ones who play or sp*nk the monkey, as they say. But women are also capable of playing and achieving org*sms. Thus, it doesn't matter whether you are a man or woman or if you're straight or gay since playing is enjoyable.

Moreover, the act of self-gratification also has benefits for your work life and for your body's health. Find out what playing every day does to you.

1. Remove Your Stress

When an individual play and climaxes, their bodies become able to remove cortisol, which causes significant stress to people. Thus, if workers play before work, they wouldn't be so cranky and will actually be relaxed and more focused on the job.

2. Focus On Work

You'll often be bombarded of daily duties, and sometimes your brain won't be able to handle everything all at once. Thanks to play, your brain suddenly gets this feeling of nirvana as you become more peaceful and able to concentrate on finishing your work.

3. Protecting Your Immune System

Aside from making you less stressed and more focused during work, playing also helps keep your immune system healthy. One study revealed that people who achieved org*sm (through s*x or playing) at least once a week had 30 percent more immune strength.

4. Playing Makes You Beautiful

That's right! Having org*sms increases the rate of your blood flow and brings out the freshness in your face, especially in your cheeks, lips, and eyes. Playing also helps in the creation of collagen that is needed to have flawless skin.

5. Better Work Performance

You don't have to be so angry about work. Just try to get some release and then get back to doing what you were supposed to do.

Just Do It

Even without all those benefits to your work life and your skin, playing is perfectly normal and personal activity that is enjoyable as long as you don't get addicted to it. So, have fun!

Source: PeanutDaily

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