You Must Stop Doing These Bad Bathing Habits Before Something Happens To Your Body!

You may not understand that you have been bathing all wrong. You’ve probably got a regular habit that you follow when you walk into the shower, but there are things you should never do in the shower that you should be aware of.

Chances are, you’re probably bathing just fine but it doesn’t hurt to have some tips on things you should never do in the shower. Some aesthetician, dermatologist, and hairstylist discovered some bad bathing habits we should put a stop.

1. Use Piping Hot Water

Do not to take hot showers because of the fact that they remove too many of your natural oils.

Water that is too hot can strip the skin of its natural oils and hydration and leave the skin too dry. Instead, it's recommended to use water that is warm instead of hot.

2. Shower For Too Long

It can be more than tempting to stay in the shower for just a few extra minutes, especially when it’s cold outside. However, you shouldn’t shower for too long, as it can make your skin dry and itchy.

Don't shower more than once per day or for more than 8 minutes at a time. As someone who adores long showers, I feel your pain, but quick showers are better for your skin.

3. Use A Scrub In The Shower Stream

It’s super frustrating when you lather up your hands with a scrub and just when you’re ready to start applying it to your bod, it washes off your hands and runs down the drain.

Don't use a scrub in the stream of a shower: Water runs on the face, body and washes the scrub away before anything beneficial can happen.

4. Over-Use Loofahs

If you’re a loofah lover, you’ll want to know about these unusual sponges.

They are great for exfoliating but loofahs are also loaded with germs. So don't over-use your loofahs.

5. Put Shampoo On Partially Wet Hair

When it comes to hair care in the shower make sure your hair is fully drenched in water before lathering up! If your hair isn't completely wet, the shampoo won't lather properly, and you'll end up using more than you need.

This is especially important for a sulfate-free shampoo, as there isn't any detergent in the formula to help it foam up.

6. Shave Your Legs On The Day Of A Pedicure

Don’t shave your legs when you shower on a day you are going to go for a pedicure. It increases the risk of infection.

If you’re a lady who likes to have shaved legs, make sure you shave at least the day before your pedicure appointment, so you don’t put yourself at risk of infection.

7. Use Oily Products In The Shower

Although this may seem like common sense, it's something you might end up doing once, then never repeating again, due to injuring yourself.

Don't use an oily product in the shower. It makes the floor dangerously slippery. Don’t bother with oily products if you want to avoid potential accidents because slipping in the shower can lead to disastrous consequences.

So keep your hair and skin in tip-top condition, and stay safe in the shower with this expert advice!

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