Facts About Hickeys That You Must Know Before Something Happens!

Almost all of us is knowledgeable of the word hickey. Oh yes, we're speaking regarding that mark which you give to your partner during the love-making session. It always seems excellent when you or your partner receive a love bite, isn't it? But how much you know about hickeys facts?

1. Used to it

Well, hickey stays for around one or two weeks on your skin.

2. Hickeys are just injuries

When your partner gives you a love bite with pressure on the skin, it causes the blood vessel to break which in returns cause a bruise. It often reflects on your lips.

3. How to cure swelling?

Well, you can't easily get rid of the mark but with the help of ice, you can simply limit the swelling that occurs.

4. Iron deficiency

Yes, I'm not kidding, if you get a hickey easily, then you have iron deficiency.

5. Hardcore hickeys

Some hickeys can make the profound and permanent scar.

6. Only time can fix it

You won't get quick solutions for it, time will heal.

7. Make it or fake it

If you don't have any real mark of hickeys on your body then you can simply fake it with make-ups.

8. Cover your hickey

And if you don't want to show your love bite to anyone just hide them with a scarf or with make-up.

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